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nerd nite 31: what’s growing in Wellington?
23 November 2015, Hotel Bristol


Nerd say what now?

Welcome to nerd nite wellington: the first Southern Hemisphere version of the rapidly-becoming-global geekery that is nerd nite.

I’m @teh_aimee, otherwise known as aimee whitcroft, and I’ll be your host for all manner of nerdery and beer.

We all know that learning new things is far more fun in the presence of beer and friends. And that’s exactly what nerd nite Wellington is about!

We were the first Southern Hemisphere chapter of the global Nerd Nite phenomenon, which has now reached into more than 60 cities across the globe. Three speakers give 15-25 minute presentations on a topic about which they’re ‘nerdy’ (i.e. passionate) on just about any subject you can imagine. Over the 20+ nerd nites we’ve had so far, we’ve had talks on witchcraft and geoengineering, video as propaganda and the periodic table’s history, and an awful lot more.

So come along! We hold them, free, every two months at the Hotel Bristol. The next one’s scheduled for mid November :) Stay tuned for details…

Prezis from talks
Videos from talks
Pictures from tour of Terawhiti Station wind farm and Tongue Point fur seal colony


Nerd Nite Calendar

Keep forgetting to calendar Nerd Nites Wellington? Well, forget no more! 


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windfarms and apocalypse preparation, information theory, and the sound of turbulence

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nerd nite 4: of sheep, art, sci-fi, and music (or, all the good things)

nerd nite 3: in which we explore tragedies, games, brains, and stars

nerd nite 2: in which we explore geoengineering, stories, witchcraft, and food

nerd nite 1: in which we explore past and future, politics and transport modes


Event pages have links to the video channel for each night.  Alternatively, you can see ’em all here.

Get hold of us!  Stalk us!  Suggest speakers/topics! We have both a facebook page (with event pages for each event) and, obviously, a Twitter feed.

ALSO, and as always, massive props to my crew @dene for all his technical help with making things work…