Firstly – thank you for committing to delivering a Nerd Nite presentation!! You are what makes the event special 🙂

The first things we need from you are:

  1. a fun yet descriptive title of your presentation
  2. a snappy/entertaining description of your talk. Approximately 3-5 sentences.
  3. a 1-3 sentence bio
  4. an image you are happy for us to use on the various event pages (or a link to an image)

See previous Nerd Nite events for ideas.

Please get them to your organiser as soon as possible – the faster we get details of the event out the more people there are to listen to you!.


What is Nerd Nite?

Nerd Nite is a bi-monthly lecture event that strives for an inebriated and entertaining, yet deeply intellectual, vibe. We host scientists, technologists, historians, competitive beard-growers, and pretty much anyone else who has an interesting talk to share. The topic(s) you can present are pretty open ended, so long as there’s a nerdy or passionate-about-the-subject angle. Tell us what gets you excited! 

What isn’t Nerd Nite?

There are a few things that don’t go over well: Don’t sell your commercial venture, but don’t be disinclined to talk about yourself and your work. Don’t deliver a sober academic talk, but do cite sources. Nerd Nite isn’t TED. Relax. Connect with the audience. Show us funny and amazing and bawdy pictures. Be yourself.

What is the format?

One of the co-bosses warms up the crowd. Then three presentations of about 20 minutes each—briefly intro’d by a co-boss or special guest—and followed by Q&A. There is a 10-15 minute musical interlude between talks.

What do I get to do as a presenter?

Pretty much anything. Traditional PowerPoint is used most often (discuss other options with your host). But favorite talks have had demos, raps, skits, or discussions. We give you a stage, an audience, and some drinks. You provide the nerdy awesome.

What do I, the presenter, need to do besides present?

Give us your mobile number and/or watch your email. We may make requests or provide feedback. Nerd Nite is frequently taped, streamed, and/or photographed (by us and/or the press). Let us know if you have issues with this.


What advice do you have for presenters?

Have fun—seriously. Get tipsy. It’s on us. While this is an educational event, it’s also about fun. Trust the audience and go deep. Show data and provide references. Steer clear of show-and-tell. Make slides that aren’t too wordy and that don’t contain details that could be missed in a bar with a few hundred people. Be creative. Draw inspiration from other Nerd Nite talks. Bug us to let you attend one of our events in advance. Watch videos of those who have gone before you!

Also – stick to the time limit!

Anything else?

We are here to help! Proofreading, joke-testing, image-hunting, whatever. We’ve even been known to buy drinks for speakers who put up with us during a dry-run. We want you to deliver an awesome show, so don’t hesitate to contact us.