> nerdnite 8 (special edition): Tell Us A Story

nerdnite 8 (special edition): Tell Us A Story

The first of many various and awesome special editions, master classes and so forth, we’re pleased as punch to present ‘Tell Us A Story’!

Tell Us a Story” is Victoria University’s very first story-telling competition for Post Graduates in the Science and Engineering Faculties, with the aim being to ‘woo’ the audience.  Not for this dry journal-type papers!  Instead, stories of pain, passion, struggle and, likely, whiteboards and failed experiments*.  In 7 minutes.

And nerdnite will be presenting the winning stories! Apparently, singing is allowed, although @teh_aimee insists she has veto rights over what is presented at nerdnite 😛

It’s all taking place on Monday, October 17th.  At Club Ivy, from 6pm.

It’s gonna be aaaaawwweesome!

* Damn the little bastards for dying unexpectedly in their petri dish!

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