> nerd nite 13: the Alternative one

nerd nite 13: the Alternative one

UPDATE: The prezis from the talks are available here.

Note: To attend this nerd nite, you need to register (it’s free) here.

To celebrate our 13th nerd nite, we thought we’d do something a little different, and so allow us to present nerd nite 13: the Alternative one!

Once again, the show will happening at the Hotel Bristol (our official home!) on November 19th and will be starting at around 6:30 pm (although, please do start arriving from 6pm).

Details as follows (be aware that these may change):

Card magic
Chelfyn Baxter (@chelfyn)

Chelfyn Baxter will be talking about, and giving a demo on, Card Magic. He will be performing 3 minor miracles of close-up magic that rely on 3 very different principles of magic. He will then take a vote, and will fully explain whichever ONE trick that the audience is most curious about. He’s been handling card for over 30 years and studying magic for nearly a decade.

Chelfyn’s talk will be split into two parts, so stick around until the end!

Chelfyn Baxter is Grand Vizier of Mohawk Media, a DJ / VJ / 3D animator and magician.


The History of Burlesque
Helen Baxter, (msbehaviour)

MsBehaviour looks at the history of burlesque, from the parody plays of the 17th century to the recent neo-burlesque revival.

MsBehaviour is Managing Directrix of Mohawk Media, and worked in Theatre and Circus at Glastonbury Festival of the Performing Arts for ten years.


Quick demo: how to twirl nipple tassles
(Still TBC)

A 5 minute demonstration showing how anyone (even boys) can twirl nipple tassles.


The Physics of Pole: A New Twist
Shirley Jones, aka Miss Taken

In this talk and demonstrations, Shirley and her demonstrators will offer one of the few non-abstract displays of both centripetal and centrifugal forces at the same time. All whilst battling gravity and our own strength.

The act will show them defying gravity, playing with both centripetal and centrifugal forces, and demonstrating the power of the triangles of strength, all whilst wearing hot pants and a crop top – silly heels optional. Of additional physics interest is that the pole will be freestanding!

Shirley performs as Miss Taken (retired, but has been persuaded to begin again by @teh_aimee). She is a pole instructor and New Zealands first Boylesque instructor and coached NZ’s highest ranked Male Pole Dancer.

Pole: making science and engineering sexy, and defying human physical limits.


As always, nerd nite is a FREE event, so bring everyone you know!


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