> Trip to the seals and wind farm!

Trip to the seals and wind farm!

UPDATE: Photos from our trip now up on Flickr!

Hi all

Following our super successful nerd nite 15, one of our nerd niters approached me with a fantastic deal. He’s involved with a tour company who regularly do trips to the seal colony and windfarm out by Makara, and they’d be super happy to give nerd niters (and their partners and friends and whatnot) a huge discount on one of their tours!

So, details thus far:

Date: 4 May

Time: 8:30am

Cost: $50, payable in cash or by credit card to the driver

Length of tour: 4 hours, including a tea break (refreshments provided, but you can bring more if you want!)

Location: Seal Colony at Tongue Point, by the Karori Rock Lighthouse, and the West Wind wind farm, on Terawhiti Station.

Meetup: You can meet the bus at two points. 1) is at the Wellington iSite in the CBD, at 8:30am. 2) is at the bus stop opposite the railway station at 8.40(Bunny St, by McDonalds).

Minimum 4 people to make it work, max 18. If there are more than 18 interested, we may mount a second tour, though, so please don’t be discouraged!

If you’re in, please RSVP asap to me using the Contact page on this website. I need final RSVPs by end Thursday 2 April.

Huzzah! Looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂

Note: sadly, Nat, who spoke about windfarms for nerd nite 15, can’t join us on the tour, so you’ll get fewer intricate details. BUT we get more seals!

OK, sure, we'll be climbing into the hills on the _other_ side, but still!

OK, sure, we’ll be climbing into the hills on the _other_ side, but still!


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