> nerd nite 20: great escapes

nerd nite 20: great escapes

Our twentieth nerd nite! Who would have thought!

We thrilled to announce that a) it’s happening, and b) it’ll be taking place on Monday 20th January 2014. Same venue (Hotel Bristol), same time (6pm, talks starting at 6:30pm) 🙂 As always, nerd nite is a free event (a it’s 2 for 1 on meals), so bring a friend!

Or come make new ones – we think that’s awesome, too 🙂

See you there! And, as always, if you’d like to volunteer a topic, or a person (yourself included) to speak, please do get in touch.


Click to enlarge to full, printable size (for your office, school etc

Click to enlarge to full, printable size (for your office, school etc

Lock sport, the basics of lockpicking
Derek Robson, aka D. Roc (@asinine_net_nz )

What is lockpicking all about ?
How do I get into lockpicking ?
Isn’t it illegal ?
What’s with the handcuffs ?
And other such questions.

I am an IT security nerd who works for the govt. I have been lockpicking for about 6 years, and am also the organizer of lock sport wellington.


The rise or fall of the Modern Man
Joe Hopkirk (@joehopkirk)

After 6,00 years of Human history (or 5 billion years of evolution depending on whether or not you believe the truth), we have reached a stage where gender equality is an option that is achievable.

This leads to the many questions: what does equality look like? what is the new role of men in society? should boys be boys? and where do a generation of men raised by women look to for role models?

This talk will explore these questions and the roles and responsibilities of men in a post feminist world.

Joe is a critical thinker, a beer lover, a climber, a camper and someone who believes bbq is best with charcoal.


Hostility and Hiveminds in my Hand
Aurynn Shaw (@aurynn)

What happens when you decide to forcibly remove the Google play services from your Android smartphone? Aurynn talks about her experiences losing access to her internet-based support network due to her decisions, what drove her back, and the things she saw when she got there.

Aurynn is a powerful reality distortion field who cares a lot about mobile phone technologies. She finds bunnies more interesting than cats and probably won’t shut up about how evil Google is. She works as a programmer at Catalyst IT and somehow ended up enjoying writing Java for Android.

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