> Nerd Nite #38: It’s not too complicated…

Nerd Nite #38: It’s not too complicated…

The Essentials:

  • Date: Tuesday 30th May 2017
  • Time: 6pm (for 6:30pm start – get there early for food and a good spot)
  • Venue: Leroy’s Dive Bar (top of Plimmer Lane/bottom of Plimmer steps)
  • Cost: Free/Koha

Speaker details (in no particular order):

Front+pageIt’s all coming up apples

Sean Manning

Steel Press Cider is a boutique cider brewery based here in Wellington. Formed out of the complementary desires of a) creating a cider that was more complex and flavourful than what was otherwise available, and b) impress a girl. Sean (one of the founders) is going to talk to us about the history of cider and how to get it to taste the way it does*

*there will be tastings

Calculus secrets they didn’t tell you at school

Maor Ben-Shahar

RawQuestWhy is calculus useful? what is it even about? Calculus is completely natural to us, statements such as “the more rabbits there are the more they will reproduce” are primary examples of our brains doing calculus without us even knowing. In this talk we will develop the motivation for numerical methods to model many things; from the cooling of hot soup to the propagation of light pulses in optical fibers.

The talk will not be algebra on top of algebra, all calculus can be described (but not solved) with pictures 🙂 The focus is the methods of calculus, as opposed to the results. None of the results are actually “exciting” or “revolutionary to science”, they just produce cool graphs.  The algebra is already done for you – you just need to soak up math pictures!

Maor is a graduate student at Victoria university. He studies theoretical physics and applied maths, and since he is a terrible student he is frequently seen at bars performing stand up comedy.

16996666_1346760048715099_1684549557_nThe Artistic Theory of Internet Memes

Severin Gourley

What is lol cat? Can something ever be considered dank? Who even is this 4chan? Young person in the new millennium Severin Gourley talks about the most pervasive form of modern art: internet memes. This talk touches on role of the artist in the memes they create, the various subcultures memes have created and memetics/the internet as a whole.

Severin is a stand-up comedian and philosophy graduate who has professionally been a young person for many years.



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