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Nerd Nite 35: Discovering Zombies

On uncovering and creating alternate forms of “life”.

As usual:

  • VKs (Dixon Street)
  • 6pm (speakers to start at 6:30pm)
  • Tuesday 22 November 2016.
To be announced soon:
  • One more special guest.

Fighting the Outbreak

Jessica RussellJess Russell

The fragile honey bee has yet another enemy. This time it’s another 6-legged hymenopteran cousin – ants. Invasive Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) are responsible for widespread decline of honey bee colonies across the warmer parts of the North Island. These ants invade and infest bee hives, ransacking the bees of their honey stores and eating their brood. In studied hives over a number of apiary sites, hive survivorship decreased from 85% in non-infested hives to 50% in sites infested with ants over a six month period. Moreover, these ants may be spreading viruses to bees. Bees in these hives were infected with Deformed wing virus, a key driver  of honey bee colony losses around the world. Average Deformed wing virus  infection levels were always higher where Argentine ants were present. Bees in apiaries with ants acquired viral infections up to 220-fold higher than the maximum infection in apiaries without ants. Argentine ants appear to be contributing to honey bee hive collapse through the combined effects of predation, hive robbing, and disease. Only problem is, there’s no way to get rid of them…

Jess Russell is a master’s student at Victoria University of Wellington who is passionate about saving the bees by injecting stuff into them. Good times.

Hacking the IoT:

Philip & Jessie

g0ldfisk & follower recently talked about reverse engineering internet
connected adult toys at the DEF CON computer security conference in
Las Vegas. Come along to learn more about the privacy concerns related to your
Internet of Things (IoT) devices (adult or otherwise) and the
importance of asking what your connected device is saying about you
behind your back.

Just One More Level

Josh Davies

Josh Davies is a writer and comedian. His talk is all about video games and the obsessions and addiction they cause.13344532_1308719929178709_2337197735611451916_n



Discovering a zombie volcano (this talk has been rescheduled due to the quakes)

Ian Hamling

The surface of our planet is constantly deforming and changing shape in response to the build up of tectonic strain before an earthquake, the movement of magma in the crust or the removal of resources such as water, oil and gas. Regardless of the cause, accurate measurements of how the surface is deforming provides critical insights into subsurface processes all of which can have large impacts on society. Since the launch of ERS-1 in the early 90’s, Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) has become a widely used technique for measuring deformation of the Earth’s surface. In this talk he will present a range of InSAR observations acquired over the Taupo Volcanic Zone associated with a variety of magmatic processes including the cooling and contraction of magma at depth and the inflation of a new magma chamber beneath the Bay of Plenty.

Ian Hamling is a geophysicist working for GNS Science. He completed his PhD in 2010 at the University of Leeds, UK, investigating continental rifting in Ethiopia. His main interests involve the use of satellite radar data to measure how the surface of the earth deforms as a result of volcanic and tectonic processed.

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